If there is enough jaw bone, we can place a dental implant into the socket the same day as a tooth extraction.

Dental implants

Immediate implants

Immediate implants, also called same-day dental implants, are placed into the empty socket at the same appointment as your tooth extraction. Choosing to immediately replace a missing tooth reduces the total number of appointments needed to restore the tooth. Our oral surgeons can only place a dental implant on the same day as tooth extraction if there is enough jaw bone to support the implant.

If there is not enough jaw bone, we can insert a bone graft into the empty socket following extraction. Depending on the case, we can insert the post and the bone graft so that they all heal together, or we can insert the bone graft and then have you return to receive the implant post. We will discuss the details of your procedure during the first visit, where we take 3D scans of your mouth to assess jaw bone health and more.

Traditional implants consist of a titanium post, a connecting abutment, and a permanent crown. During the healing period, the post fuses to the jaw bone to create a permanent foundation. Implant posts act just like the roots of natural teeth. The implant surgery typically takes less than 1 hour for a single tooth replacement, but every case varies.

You may leave the office with your new permanent teeth or be given a temporary crown to wear while the implants heal. As always, we will keep you informed and involved throughout every step of your oral surgery journey.

Options after extraction

You have several options after having a tooth extracted, and your choice may depend on your financial situation or the right option to improve your oral health. 7x7 Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Specialists offer competitive prices for dental implants and restorative treatments in the San Francisco area, and our staff is happy to arrange a payment plan or discuss your options for affordable oral surgery care.

  • Socket preservation. If you do not wish or cannot afford to replace the tooth immediately, we can place grafting material inside the socket to prevent the bone from deteriorating. This helps maintain the size and shape of the socket until you are ready for future dental implants.
  • Same-day implants. Your oral surgeon can place the implant post into the empty socket, provided you have enough jaw bone to support it.
  • No restoration or preservation. This option does not maintain the shape of the socket or prevent the jaw bone from deteriorating. If you do not choose to treat the missing tooth with any type of procedure, you risk the jaw bone weakening over time and nearby teeth shifting into the empty space.

The oral surgeons at 7x7 Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Specialists will help determine the right choice for you following tooth extraction. It is our goal to improve the oral health of our patients for years to come, and we will inform you of the benefits and risks of any treatment option. To schedule an appointment at any of our offices in San Francisco, CA, please contact us. Our surgeons, surgical staff, and front desk team all look forward to helping you.

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