Impacted Canines

If a canine tooth is stuck beneath the gums, it is considered to be impacted, and an expose and bond procedure is used to help it successfully emerge.

Impacted Canines

What is an impacted tooth?

When a tooth does not properly erupt into the mouth, it is considered to be impacted. The most commonly impacted teeth are wisdom teeth, followed by canine teeth. Canines are crucial for chewing and biting, so it’s important that these teeth function and erupt properly.

A tooth can become impacted for a number of reasons. In some cases, there isn’t enough room in the jaw for them to fit in the dental arch. Sometimes they cannot follow the normal path alongside adjacent teeth to help them erupt properly. No matter what the reason is, it’s important to have any impacted teeth properly evaluated by a skilled oral surgeon. This way, we can work together to ensure that all of your teeth emerge and function properly.

Treating an Impacted Canine

Treatment for an impacted canine usually consists of an expose and bond procedure. Typically, your oral surgeon and orthodontist will work closely together to help an impacted canine successfully emerge. Your oral surgeon will help expose the impacted tooth, and your orthodontist will help bond an attachment to it that gradually helps it emerge. The specific procedure will depend on your personal condition, and the team at 7x7 Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Specialists designs a personalized treatment plan that works for you. Our staff’s goal is to make sure that you are well-informed and comfortable throughout all steps of your oral surgery treatment. We are here to address all of your questions and concerns!

It’s crucial to treat an impacted tooth as early as possible because if impacted teeth go untreated for too long, they become permanently trapped beneath the gums. If this happens, your dental professional will not be able to save your tooth. For these instances, our oral surgeons offer safe and gentle tooth extractions in our San Francisco, CA, offices as well as a variety of tooth replacement options so that your smile will not be incomplete and you will have fully functioning arches of teeth.

Where can I get treatment for impacted canines?

Drs. Duncan, Scharf, Patwardhan, Tolstunov, Morrow, and Robert have had years of experience handling impacted teeth. Effective communication is very important, and our experts specialize in maintaining regular communication with your orthodontist to ensure you are receiving outstanding care and effective treatment. If your or your child’s teeth have not successfully emerged in the gum line, or you think they could be impacted, please schedule an appointment at our Van Ness, West Portal, or Stonestown, CA, office.