Meet Alex

Dental implants restored Alex’s teeth. He is immensely happy that he chose to come to this practice.
Hi, my name is Alex, I’m from San Francisco, and I came to see the doctors at 7x7 for dental implants. Immediately upon walking in the door, I knew that I was in the right place. I found the doctors at 7x7 to be very warm and [they] did everything they could to make me comfortable, and I really appreciated that. The staff gave me sort of a play-by-play as to what was going to happen and a treatment path to get my mouth corrected. I’m immensely happy that I had the dental implants done at 7x7. They’ve taken care of me through the whole process and I’ve gotten my teeth back in order. I had a fantastic experience at 7x7, and I would absolutely recommend that anyone go there for any oral surgery needs.

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