Pediatric dentistry

We offer a variety of services to pediatric patients, including frenectomy, expose and bond, and a wide range of anesthesia options.

Pediatric dentistry

Improve your child’s oral health

It’s important to have your child’s oral health and development monitored by a dental professional who is trained to identify and diagnose problems early. Children may not always be experiencing pain even though a problem is present. Be sure to bring your child to regularly scheduled dental visits so that the development and health of their mouth, teeth, bite, and facial structure can be monitored. Pediatric dentistry and oral surgery procedures can improve your child’s oral and overall health by ensuring the oral structures develop and function properly.


The mouth contains bands of tissue, known as frenums. In some cases, the frenum is too large or improperly developed, which causes restricted tongue movement. If the upper frenum that connects the gum to the lip is too wide or too long, it may create a gap between the two front teeth. Oral surgeons can perform a frenectomy, which is a minimally invasive procedure that reduces the size of the frenum. The goal of a frenectomy is to free the tongue to allow proper speech, swallowing, and movement, or to close the space between the two upper teeth.

Tooth extractions

Some baby teeth may need to be extracted in order for the adult tooth to properly emerge through the gum. We offer safe and comfortable tooth extractions that our staff performs in-office. We may also recommend extracting a tooth if there are too many adult teeth, a condition known as dental overcrowding.

Expose and bond

Canine teeth are very important because they are used to bite and tear food. When a canine tooth doesn’t properly emerge into the dental arch and is trapped beneath the gum line, it is considered impacted. Our oral surgeons work with your orthodontist to perform an expose and bond procedure to help the canine tooth erupt into the dental arch. This is a safe and effective procedure that will enable the canine tooth to properly function, thus improving your child’s oral health.

Anesthesia options for children

All of our surgeons have received extensive training in safely administering various forms of sedation. Pediatric patients require special care, and our team is trained to monitor their health and safety during their oral surgery procedure. We offer a variety of anesthesia options, including local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. Our team will help you determine the right choice of anesthesia for your child so that he or she will have a smooth and comfortable experience.