Stem cell banking

After your wisdom teeth are removed, your oral surgeon can harvest stem cells from these teeth and store them in a lab for future use.

Stem cell banking

Stem cell banking with Stemodontics®

The future of regenerative medicine is bright, and the odds are in your child’s favor. Wisdom teeth extractions typically occur in the mid to late teen years when their stem cell count is high. When your child’s wisdom teeth are removed, their oral surgeon can maximize the benefits of this procedure by harvesting the stem cells from these teeth.

Wisdom teeth are often healthy teeth. For most patients, they are only removed because there is not enough room for them in the mouth, which can lead to jaw misalignment and bite problems when left untreated. Because wisdom teeth are healthy and strong, they make excellent candidates for stem cell banking. These stem cells can be stored in a laboratory and used in the future to differentiate into different types of cells in the body. This can come in handy, for example, if your child’s bone marrow needs to be repaired or cancer-affected cells need a boost.

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What are stem cells?

Stem cell research today is a revolutionary field of possibilities for scientists and medical professionals. There may be solutions to diseases previously thought of as incurable. Destroyed cells can now be repaired, bone marrow can be restored, and lives can be saved. While cell repair is extremely beneficial and clinically proven, it is very difficult because most cells have specific purposes, especially when it comes to restoration. Adult stem cells can repair and restore specialized cells, which is good news for tissue ravaged by cancer and other destructive diseases.

There are two categories of stem cells. During the first months of pregnancy, embryonic stem cells help create organs, like the kidneys, and the immune system. However, adult stem cells hold the most potential for medical research today. Stem cells can provide insurance against diseases such as diabetes or leukemia. They are especially helpful if there is a lengthy family history with these diseases. Not only can stem cells repair damage, but they can also adapt to other cell types and survive outside the body. Their astounding potential is due to the specialized nature and capacity for survival that adult stem cells possess.

Why bank stem cells?

Wisdom teeth are a strong storage unit for adult stem cells. Unhealthy teeth cannot be used for stem cell banking, but healthy wisdom teeth can. These third molars have the greatest potential in the future of regenerative medicine. The age of your child when they get their wisdom teeth removed is perfect for stem cell banking because stem cell counts decline as a patient ages. The younger the patient, the better stem cell banking can work for them.

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During your conversation with your oral surgeon, they will guide you through the process of harvesting stem cells and answer all of your questions regarding collection and storage. After your child’s wisdom teeth have been successfully removed, they will be safely transported to a state-of-the-art laboratory. Simply contact your doctor when you are ready to utilize the banked stem cells. When you enroll with 7x7 Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Specialists, you pay an initial fee for processing and then a monthly fee for storage costs. Schedule your appointment today and talk to your oral surgeon about stem cell banking for the future!